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Creative Design

UX/UI Work

Here are the highlights of my experience working with user experience, user interface design, and Agile teams.


Fidelity Charitable
Grant Flow - Angular Migration

At Fidelity Charitable, I have performed user experience and user interface design with the tech teams in an agile environment. On several occasions, I have crafted UX micro-copy and edited messages to better satisfy our persona's preferred communication style. That included best practices for error messages, urgent messages, etc. The Angular migration project required continuous rethinking of user interaction with elements such as form fields, the editing, and display of sensitive information, calendars, etc.

I have also created and maintained Figma projects and components, prototypes, and led presentations to stakeholders. In addition, I have worked in parallel with the marketing and technology team creating wireframes, mockups, and email designs. 


Fidelity Charitable
Deletion of Grants - Northstar

One of the upcoming projects for the area behind the login was adding the ability to let users delete ASAP grants. My role was to get the design planning started, gathering UI and UX requirements, and performing competitive analysis.

UX Discovery Study


Fidelity Charitable
Figma Component Library

While working with the tech teams, I also had to wear different hats at Charitable by providing design support to the marketing technology team. To speed up the designs for their CMS, I created a Figma library of components.


Everi Holdings
UI Design Digital Kiosk

Previously, while working at Everi Holdings, I teamed up with the user experience team to create UI wireframes and high-fidelity mockups for ATMs and digital kiosks.

View Prototype


Everi Holdings
Persona Research

App Wireframes & Mockups

At, I acted as a designer for the product development team organizing meetings, participating in user experience interviews and research, creating user flows, designing wireframes and prototypes, and reporting back to stakeholders on user feedback for design iteration.

Data Visualization

After gathering feedback from users on the quality of their experience while navigating Nav's web and mobile apps, I was tasked with organizing the information in the form of an infographic. This "delight map" was then used during a company-wide meeting to address the user's pain points and to seek solutions for improvement.

Nav Delight Map


Fidelity Charitable
Accessibility Study

The CMS for Fidelity Charitable's main website had been designed a few years ago before a companywide initiative to strive for better accessibility standards. Upon noticing that the CMS offered several low-contrast color combinations for fonts and backgrounds, I created a table to show the contrast ratios. After presenting this information, better guidelines were implemented to ensure accessibility throughout the website.

Accessibility Study
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